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LoRaWAN Network
We assure steadfast, enduring connectivity for visionary IoT projects throughout Africa, both cloud service and Infrastructure, fostering hope for innovative automation startups and enterprises. Latest Projects Watch Reel


Digital Infrastructure For You

In the African market, Lunoid stands out as the operator increasingly opting for Global LoRaWAN Platforms through partnerships with companies known for their distinct advantages. Our platform facilitates rapid market entry with agility and a cost-effective pricing structure. Partnering with us ensures broader connectivity, supported by our growing network across Africa.


IoT Product Development


Connected Things

We specialize in designing, developing and Installing IoT Products.


Completed Projects

IoT solution architecture, hardware design, embedded systems design.

Crafting delightful experiences through meticulous attention

Our ethos is to constantly challenge the status quo and shape industry-redefining solutions in a tight-knit collaboration with our customers.

Smart Homes/City

Building affordable smart home for all

Lunoid Africa offers Internet of Things software development services for smart home, smart building and smart city projects.

  • We leverage our strong experience in IoT application development for smart home and green energy market and help companies create versatile telemetry solutions.
  • We elaborate machine learning algorithms and train models to introduce automation to smart spaces.
  • Our data solutions help gain visibility into the way people use devices, facilities and spaces and improve the efficiency and safety of smart homes and cities.
Platform as-a-service


Lunoid’s LoRaWAN Network-as-a-Service offering is meticulously designed to support the needs of Utilities, IoT Application Providers, and Device Manufacturers with precision.

Our expanding Pan-African network ensures wide-reaching connectivity, empowering our partners to stay connected across diverse locations as their operations expand.

With our unique coverage commitment, we are deeply invested in the success of our partners: we synchronize our infrastructure development with your project timelines to avoid delays and streamline deployment. This dedication, combined with our focus on cost-efficiency, robust security, and adoption of advanced technology, demonstrates why partnering with Lunoid is a step towards a resilient and future-ready digital journey.

  • We build user-centric web and mobile applications that help remotely control and manage devices and other assets.
  • Using our Internet of Things product development experience, we help our clients harness the full potential of their data.

Design for scalability

We provide IoT development services and build software for the Industry 4.0. We take into consideration the specifics of the industrial environment and build reliable IoT systems to improve efficiency, safety and control on the premises.

  • Using predictive analytics, we ensure timely maintenance and reduce cost on wear and tear.
  • We build IIoT data tools and unlock the full potential of the company’s data.
  • Our IoT solutions help monitor operations, increase employee’s safety, provide quality control and asset management on the production.


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